Fee to be charged on shooting KP archeological sites
PESHAWAR: :Archeology Department has made prior permission mandatory for making videos of archeological sites for posting on TikTok and other social media apps. According to an order issued from the office of Director Archeology Department, the decision was aimed at protecting the historical archeological sites of the province. The authorities said the decision was made in the wake of videos showing historical Gorghatri Park by TikTokers and causing damage to the relics of British era in the park. An official of the Gorghatri Park was also suspended for showing negligence during the situation. The orders made it clear that in future fee would be charged for making videos at archeological sites and protection to the sites would be ensured at all cost. Earlier, the Punjab government had also decided a ban on entry of Youtubers and TikTokers in parks across the province. The order said prior to making a video of archeological sites for posting on social media an application of permission and script would be mandatory for submitting with parks’ administration. – APP