Pakistan issuing 21-day transit visas to people coming from Afghanistan, says Sh. Rasheed

Statesman Report

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Friday said that the Chaman and Torkham borders are open and Pakistan is issuing 21-day transit visas to people coming to Pakistan from Afghanistan.

He said that the particulars of people coming to Pakistan through these borders are being recorded, adding that Pakistan is ready to issue visas to Afghans if their details and documentations are in order.

“We are willing to issue visas to the diplomats of all countries including the United States and the United Kingdom,” Rasheed added.

The interior minister said that 1,500 people were evacuated from Kabul and 1,480 people reached here via Torkham.

“The entire world is lauding Pakistan’s historic role in this crisis,” Rasheed said.

The interior minister condemned the Kabul airport blast and said that US President Joe Biden had warned of something like this happening.

Speaking of the Opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement, he criticised how the focus of international politics is on Peshawar, but the movement is headed to Karachi.

Rasheed also spoke of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, who is currently in London, and has been declared an absconder by the courts in Pakistan. “He can get a passport within 24 hours if he is willing to return to Pakistan,” he said.