Easing the evacuation of foreigners from Kabul

The top administration in Peshawar is fully seized with the situation arising after the post-explosion chaos in Kabul. It wants to lend a helping hand in the evacuation of foreigners. It expects that around 10,000 foreigners will begin landing at the Bacha Khan International Airport. For their accommodation, it took control of 10 hotels. Ten hotels with a total of 419 rooms are now at the disposal of the administration. There are more than 150 hotels in the provincial capital. The administration held talks with their owners, who said that they would fully cooperate with the government. Out of those arriving from Kabul, the Afghans will be accommodated in the Haji Camp and in the Dauranpur quarantine centre on the outskirts of Peshawar. Similarly, the foreigners, including diplomats, will be placed in hotels, according to their status. The city’s only five-star hotel will also be used to accommodate senior diplomats. The air traffic system in Kabul was down. Therefore, there was no idea about the number of people flying in. This will become clear once the airplane enters Pak air space. The visitors will be treated as transit passengers. The administration wants to take control of the entire hotels, but the issue of rent is yet to be sorted out with the owners. One can gauge the gravity of the situation from the way the administration remained busy. On August 27, the Commissioner of Peshawar Division, Riaz Khan Mehsud, chaired three meetings. Those who attended the meetings included the Commander of the 102 Brigade of Army, the Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar District, the Capital City Police Officer, the Station Manager of the Bacha Khan International Airport, the officers of the Federal Investigation Agency and those of other relevant agencies. The participants discussed matters related to the security, transportation and the accommodation of the transit passengers.