PMC successfully conducts first National Licensing Examination across country

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Medical Commission’s (PMC) National Medical Authority (NMA) has successfully conducted and concluded the first National Licensing Examination (NLE) across the country.

According to Executive Member of the National Medical Authority Dr. Syed Moin Ali, the NLE Step 1 for medical graduates was held in five centres located in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, and Karachi.

He said that the examination, which is mandated by law, is a prerequisite for medical and dental graduates to attain full licenses to practise in Pakistan.

A total of 1,470 students participated in the NLE Step 1 out of which 1,160 students passed the examination representing a 78.9 % pass percentage.

Dr. Syed Moin Ali congratulated all the qualifying graduates and on becoming the first batch of NLE graduates in Pakistan which represents a milestone and the first step on the road to ensure long-term excellence in the medical profession.

Out of total students, 1,164 were foreign graduates and 306 were Pakistani medical graduates with 903 foreign medical graduates passing representing a pass percentage of 77.6% and 257 Pakistan medical graduates passing and representing a pass percentage of 84 %.

As many as 1593 graduates had registered for the examination and 123 could not appear for different reasons and will be rescheduled to take their exam in December 2021.

The Pakistani medical graduates who passed the NLE Step 1 will now be eligible on completion of their house jobs to apply and receive immediately their full license to practise medicine.

The foreign medical graduates who qualified for the NLE Step 1 are now eligible to appear in the NLE Step 2 (clinical skills) exam scheduled for October 2021. On qualifying the NLE Step 2, they will be eligible for a full license on completion of house job if they are graduate of a list A college or a provisional license if a graduate of a list B or list C college.

The NLE was the first computer-based examination conducted by the National Medical Authority of the PMC. – APP