KP’s march towards prosperity
Chief Minister Mahmood Khan’s announcement of two new housing schemes for the province is a step in the right direction. Presiding over a meeting in the CM House with the officials of the housing department, he described the salient features of the schemes. He said that the first scheme was called the Tokra-III Housing Project. This was located on the Ring Road, Peshawar. Under this scheme, as many as 1080 flats would be constructed on 79 kanals of land. The CM said that the second scheme pertained to the construction of the High-Rise Flats Project in Mardan.
According to the CM, the purpose of both these schemes was to provide low-cost housing facilities to people with limited resources. As it always happens, the construction projects provide work opportunities for the masons and other daily-wage earners. Everywhere in the world, the mega projects ultimately benefit the moneyed class. But at the same time, these projects bring livelihood for the skilled and the unskilled labourers.
For example, incomes are generated for the drivers of trucks that commute between the construction site and various factories. They carry bricks, cement bags, sand, iron bars and related material. The CM directed the concerned officials to complete the formalities as soon as possible so that the housing schemes could be launched according to the stipulated timelines. In the ongoing corporate culture, the flats are not presented on a platter to the common people. There are the formalities of down payments, bank guarantees and loans. By the time the projects are complete, nobody is sure that the housing facilities will remain low-cost. One hopes that the low-income group gets a fair deal.