HEC warns parents, students to avoid taking admission in unrecognized universities, campuses
PESHAWAR: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has strictly warned the parents and students to be aware of taking admission in unrecognized institutions/universities/campuses in Pakistan. According to an alert issued by the Accreditation Section of HEC on Monday, it is stated that HEC only recognizes degrees of accredited universities/institutions from the public and private sector in Pakistan along with their approved campuses as mentioned on HEC website. Besides, a list of illegal/fake institutions is also available on HEC website. An official from HEC also shared the details of illegal, fake higher educational institutions with APP through a link https://www.hec.gov.pk/english/universities/Pages/AJK/Illegal-DAls.aspx. However, the list of recognized universities/institutions is http://hec.gov.pk/english/universities/pages/recognised.aspx The list recognised campuses of public and private sector institutions is http://hec.gov.pk/english/universities/Pages/DAIs/HEC-recognized-Campuses.aspx. HEC also shared the links of recognised foreign collaboration institutions https://www.hec.gov.pk/english/universities/Pages/ Foreign-Collaboration-Institutions.aspx. It is hereby notified for awareness of the general public that Islamic University of Pakistan, Sialkot is a non-chartered and unrecognized university, hence its name is included in the list of illegal/fake institutions (available on HEC website), it added. – APP