KP cities need to look cleaner
Day in and day out, some incredible news items continue to surprise the general public. For example, the KP government had sanctioned and even released about three billion rupees (the exact amount being Rs2,99,90,99,000). This huge amount was given to various KP cities for two purposes. Firstly, to collect the domestic trash from various localities and take it outside the cities. Secondly, sewerage treatment plants were to be set up for the drainage water. As the coincidence would have it, the municipal officials in the concerned cities could not select suitable sites, where the collected trash could be dumped. They could not even choose any place where the planned treatment plants could be set up. The result was that the concerned cities did not spend even a single penny. The allocated money, which was duly released, remained unspent and finally came back into the government exchequer. One does not know of any municipal body which has ever returned the allocated money to the government. This shows that the municipal council officials are least bothered about the state of cleanliness. No wonder that with every passing day, the cities are becoming uglier and smellier. Nobody is there to stem the tide. Like homes, our roads and lanes also need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Dirty localities breed diseases of various kinds. One can see the ailing and the sick queuing up in hospitals. The filth slows down even the healing process just as it lengthens the recovery period. In major cities like Peshawar, a huge amount of money is being spent on the beautification of parks and playfields, which is fine enough. But some parts of the provincial metropolis are unclean and full of foul smell. Cleanliness is part of our religious faith. We must ensure that it stays the same for all times to come.