Teachers oppose privatisation of colleges

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Professors and Lecturers Association (KPPLA) has opposed the proposed privatisation of Jahanzeb College, Saidu Sharif, Swat. Having at its back, the support of its 3353 registered members, the association has also taken exception to the unjustified interference in colleges by the higher education department.

Addressing a news conference in Peshawar Press Club, on August 31, the head of the KAPPLA, Professor Jamshaid Khan, gave a call for an indefinite boycott of classes. On this occasion, the head of the Commerce Colleges Association, Syed Imtiaz Ali, was also present. They said that Jahanzeb College was the oldest college in Swat. Instead of spending some money on it, the government was bent upon privatising the college, which was unacceptable.

They said that as many as 4541 posts of teachers had fallen vacant. The government was neither filling these posts nor paying the dues of teachers (like the hard area allowance). They said that in KP’s 35 districts as many as 310 colleges were functioning at the moment. Out of these 310 colleges, an ideal four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) programme had been going on in 150 colleges, right from 2010. In the remaining 160 colleges, apart from FA/FSc courses, a two-year course of associate degree was also going on.

They said that the number of government-approved vacant posts in the province stood at 11599. These posts ranged between BPS-17 and BPS-21. Unfortunately, only 7058 teachers were working against these posts. They alleged that the government wanted to turn the colleges into money-minting machines. It wanted to do so by introducing the system of the board of governors, on the pattern of private colleges. But the associations of teachers would never allow this to happen.