Swat’s game-changer development projects
Swat seems to be on the way to progress. During his daylong visit to the scenic valley on the first of September, CM Mahmood Khan announced three major projects, amounting to billions of rupees. These included the setting up of the Swat University of Engineering, the establishment of the Pakistan Association of Dermatologists (PADs) Hospital, and the launching of Rescue 1122 station in Kabal. The Swat University of Engineering is a three-year project. On completion, the classes on the campus are expected to start on the first of June, 2023. The new university will initially have four departments. These will include the departments of civil engineering, hydropower engineering, biomedical engineering and computer system engineering. Similarly, the 300-bed PADs Hospital will be completed by June 2024. Apart from the main building, it will have a hostel for doctors, a hostel for nurses and other essential infrastructure. In addition to the main OPD, the hospital will have the Departments of Radiology, Pathology, Accidents and Emergency, Pediatric Surgery and Pharmacy. The station of Rescue 1122 was also a pressing need of the hour, especially in an area like Swat. The affluent Khans have their own fleets of expensive cars along with loyal drivers. But the common people cannot even afford a taxi cab to carry their sick and ailing family members to the nearest health facility. One can see the poor people carrying the sick person to a hospital on a wooden bed. With Rescue 1122 available in the neighbourhood, their ambulance or rescue van will now be a phone call away.