PM launches Property, Housing and Construction Expo 2021

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday kicked off the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (ICCI) Property, Housing and Construction Expo 2021.

Addressing the launching ceremony in Islamabad, the premier said the construction sector was the biggest provider of job opportunities because it had numerous industries attached to it.

“This is one way of providing employment, wealth creation, increasing revenues to meet expenses and repaying loans. We will repay loans when the economy grows and more than anything, it grows on the basis of construction,” he said.

The prime minister called upon the construction sector to fully try and depend less on imports, saying that “all raw material is available in Pakistan.”

“I assure you that we will fully help you. It is the government’s job to manufacture more things in Pakistan,” he added.

According to Prime Minister Imran, a “construction boom” was coming to the country due to the great demand by the 220 million people for low-cost housing.

He lamented that the common man, daily wager or government servants never had the opportunity in the past to build their homes because of a lack of mortgage-financing options but that obstacle was now removed due to the government’s efforts to pass the foreclosure law.

“Banks will give money to people for mortgage financing and then this population of 220m of ours will become an asset because it will generate demand and then construction and related industries will start running.”