Pakistan to co-exist with Taliban, approach will be realistic: Qureshi

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Friday that Pakistan had to coexist with Afghanistan hence, its approach towards Taliban will have to “realistic”.

Responding to a question – during a press conference held alongside British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab – whether Pakistan’s ties with Taliban will be based on certain conditions, Qureshi said that Pakistan and Afghanistan were in partnership for peace.

He said Pakistan had been saying that it had no favourites in Afghanistan, adding that it had certain compulsions while dealing with the country.

“A bulk of Afghanistan’s trade goes through Pakistan and closure of the border would result in another humanitarian crisis,” the FM said. He said there were dozens of border crossings that catered to thousands of Afghans entering Pakistan.

“Pakistan wanted to help the people of Afghanistan who have suffered for decades,” he said, adding that after so long there was a real opportunity for peace in Afghanistan. “We are waiting to see what happens in the next few days with eyes and ears open,” he added.

He added that things in Afghanistan were evolving and the entire world was hoping they would evolve in the right direction.


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The British foreign secretary said the country evacuated about 15,000 people from Kabul to the UK, adding that it was an unprecedented action for the country in modern times.