BRT to benefit 12 new stations
On the fourth of September, the commuters travelling by the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicles received good news. The TransPeshawar Company has extended the BRT services by starting a new feeder route. The new route begins from Chamkani and leads up to the Malik Saad station via Pir Zakori Motorway Flyover. The benefit will reach the 12 new stations on the feeder route.
The extended route will include the following stations: the Kamboh Adda, Paharipura, Kabootar Chowk, Wazir Colony, Patang Chowk, Charsadda Adda, Eidgah and the Bacha Khan Chowk. In other words, the new stations will cover the entire northern side of the Ring Road.
It may be recalled that the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) continues to be operated by TransPeshawar. It was established as a public company in January 2017. The latest move by the TransPeshawar will benefit the daily wage earners, the working women, the female students of colleges/universities and the ordinary shoppers. Previously they used to hire rickshaws and taxicabs. This obviously meant a more expensive and time-consuming journey.
From now onwards, a casual female shopper, say, from the rural belt of Chamkani can reach the urban Karkhano Markets in a much shorter time, with greater ease and in visible comfort and safety. Suppose, she has to change the bus on the way a couple of times, even then the ride from Chamkani to the Karkhano Markets will be hassle-free, cheaper and safer for a woman. Moreover, the staff on duty happens to be polite, educated and cooperative, when compared with the rude, arrogant and self-willed drivers and conductors of Kamboh Adda’s rickety buses.