Dismantling illegal ramps outside homes
The officials of Town-II Peshawar have dismantled more than 100 ramps unlawfully built outside the homes in Budai and Chamkani, which is a step in the right direction. The owners have been instructed to limit themselves to the four walls of their houses. The municipal officials have warned that if the owners try to reconstruct the ramps, strict action will be taken against them under the law.
It is a matter of common observation that in posh localities, including Hayatabad and the University Town, influential residents have constructed ramps outside their residences. As if this is not enough, they have also built oversized speed breakers in front of homes. The ramps and speed breakers have existed for quite a long time. In spite of being fully aware of these architectural monstrosities on the ground, the officials of the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and the municipal officials of the concerned zonal towns, tend to look the other way. Apart from causing accidents, the ramps and the speed breakers cause hindrance in the smooth flow of the traffic.
The scenes outside the BRT stations are also chaotic. The carefree drivers park the taxicabs, rickshaws and motorcycles in a dangerously wrong manner. They cause serious hindrance to the smooth flow of vehicular traffic. With megaphones attached to their cars and motorcycles, the officials of the traffic police do whatever little they can to rectify the situation. They warn the motorists about the violations of the road manners. But all this turns out to be half-hearted and useless. Today’s traffic in a metropolitan city like Peshawar cannot be managed by a whistle and a challan book. It is a complex art of traffic engineering in which our wardens need to be trained.