Ehsaas Amdan
Program transfers 50,364 livelihood productive assets to vulnerable segments
ISLAMABAD: A total of 60,364 livelihood productive assets worth Rs 3.62 billion have been transferred to the ultra-poor and vulnerable poor households under the Ehsaas Amdan (Income) program till June 30, 2021. According to an official source, the Rs. 15 billion, Ehsaas Amdan program is aimed at creating earning opportunities for the most disadvantaged people through the transfer of small income-generating assets.
The four-year program will impact around 1.4 million disadvantaged people through distributing 200,000 assets.
This program was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in February 2020 and is presently being implemented in the 375 union councils of 23 poorest districts across four provinces of Pakistan. – APP