Pakistani armed forces equipped to fight all external and internal threats: COAS

Without nation’s support, army is like a wall of sand as we had witnessed in the neighbouring country, says army chief

Statesman Report
RAWALPINDI: Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa said on Monday that Pakistan’s armed forces had all required capabilities to fight all external and internal threats, and traditional and non-traditional wars.
“If any enemy wants to fight us, it will find us ready at every moment and on every front,” he said while addressing a Defence Day ceremony held at the General Headquarters.
He noted that Pakistani armed forces were counted among the world’s best. “We have fought every enemy courageously and defeated all external and internal plots and above all, by achieving self-sustainability in defence capabilities, made the country’s defence impenetrable,” he said.
“We have no doubt that the relationship between Pakistan Army and the nation is the strong shield that has always defeated the enemy’s plots and black-handed tactics against Pakistan and this unity has always made us persevere.”
Highlighting the importance of public support in military operations, the chief of army staff said without the people’s cooperation, any army would prove to be a wall of sand “like we saw in our neighbouring country”. “This is why the army’s success is dependent to a large extent on the people’s support,” he added.
Gen Bajwa emphasised the changing nature of warfare, saying instead of large-scale war, modern technology and ways of communication and other tools were used to weaken a nation’s unity and ideological boundaries, spread chaos in different sectors and demoralise the people.
“Our enemies are also using non-traditional means including propaganda and disinformation to achieve their nefarious objectives,” he noted.
But while the state is aware of the plots of external enemies, “we will have to deal strictly with some internal elements spreading chaos,” Gen Bajwa said.