Rupee slumps 0.19% due to geopolitical worries
KARACHI: Pakistani rupee touched a low of Rs167.23 against the US dollar, weakening from a close of Rs166.91 on Friday.
It has lost nearly 10% (or Rs14.96) of its value since May 2021, largely because of worries over the widening trade and current account deficit and costly interventions in the currency market. Geopolitical worries have also come to the fore.
The local currency traded at 167.23 per dollar in the inter-bank market on Monday, down 0.19% or 32 paisa — Rs1.2 away from an all-time low of 168.43 recorded on August 26, 2020.
Speaking to, Forex Association of Pakistan President Malik Bostan said the influx of dollars into Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover has increased pressure on the rupee.
Bostan mentioned that the widening gap between the imports and exports of Pakistan has also mounted pressure on the local currency against the greenback. – Statesman