SIUT starts robotic, 3 dimensional laparoscopic theatre
KARACHI: The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) as a first public sector hospital opened its own robot facility along with three-dimensional laparoscopic unit while the robot is in process of being installed to provide state-of-the-art surgical facilities to its patients.
Country's well known philanthropist Bashir Dawood who donated an amount of Rs 450 million to establish the unit, performed the opening ceremony of the unit at a simple ceremony, said a spokesman of the SIUT.
The unit is dedicated in the memory of late Kassim Parekh, a renewed banker and close family friend of the Dawood family.
The SIUT has a well-structured surgical program comprising experienced surgeons in the field of robotic surgery for urological disorders. With the induction of new surgical facilities, the area of activities with benefits in other avenues of surgery.
The salient features of the new surgery include the three dimension surgery facility which will do away with the conventional open surgery, providing relief to patients with less pain, less loss of blood, less risk of infection, shorter hospital stay and above all quicker recovery time.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Bashir Dawood lauded the dedication and professional excellence of SIUT doctors and paramedics.
He has also pledged a donation of Rs one billion to build a SIUT Children and Cardiac Hospital.
Earlier, SIUT Director Prof Adib Rizvi welcomed the donor and presented the details of his institute activities. - APP