Shortage of gas looms large
The recent rains have gradually changed the weather. The summer appears to be on its way out. The touch of winter is almost in the air. The common observation is that in summer the public demand for electricity goes up. The use of air-conditioners, ceiling fans and pedestal fans increases immensely. Similarly, in winter the demand for natural gas increases.
With the country’s population rising constantly, the government usually feels unable to meet the demands for energy. With each passing day, the circular debt is increasing in the power sector. The government cannot do anything about it. Whether in summer or in winter, the hardships of the common people continue to multiply. Due to the shortage of gas, the applications for new connections are not being entertained.
The pressure of gas becomes so low that the SNGPL has to resort to load shedding of gas. For the housewives, it becomes difficult to prepare breakfast for the school-going children. The domestic consumers of natural gas feel hard-pressed. Some consumers use illegal means to suck gas from the main pipeline and decrease the neighbour’s gas pressure. The ever-increasing prices of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cylinders have compounded the matter further.
The sale of gas appliances, portable stoves, metallic and plastic pipes goes up with the first winter rain. Queues get longer outside the gas-filling shops. The increasing number of legal and illegal petrol and gas filling stations have also contributed to the overall gas crisis. Everything said and done, the winter is not going to be easy for the poor and the downtrodden.