PCB signs three-year agreement with CricHQ and CricViz

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board has signed a three-year agreement with internationally renowned scoring platform CricHQ and world’s leading cricket data providers CricViz.

CricHQ will be PCB’s live scoring partner and will digitise scoring from grassroots level all the way up to the top-tier of Pakistan cricket which is the First XIs of the six Cricket Associations. The partnership will enable the PCB to collect data and analyse player performances using match reports and statistics.

Additionally, CricHQ will also provide video automation and capturing solutions for domestic matches in order to help coaches and players analyze performances.

CricViz, widely regarded as one of the leading data analytics software in the world, will give the PCB analysts and coaches the licenses to their query tool. The analysts and coaches will also be trained on the software to help in preparation of pre-match, during match and post-match analysis using the software.

Both partnerships are in line with the PCB’s plan to upgrade its data analytical wing to provide state of the art data analysis, match plus player impacts etc. These tools will help in modernizing Pakistan cricket in terms of data analysis and selection of players.

The players are also set to make considerable gains as the tools are designed to help improve their performances while overcoming the flaws in techniques that might creep in their game from time to time.

Director High Performance Nadeem Khan said here on Thursday: “We are delighted to enter into this very exciting partnership with CricHQ and CricViz. These partnerships will provide our players, coaches and selectors with the most modern statistics and tools that have become an integral part of present day cricket across the three formats. In recent years, these tools have turned the fortunes of many players and teams as data and statistics continue to revolutionize modern day cricket with the growing demands and advancements in technology. – APP