Suhail Shaheen says Taliban had condemned 9/11 attacks

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has said that the Taliban had condemned the 9/11 attacks 20 years ago and told the US that “no Afghans were involved” in them.

Shaheen’s remarks came during an interview with Geo News on programme “Jirga”, aired on Saturday.

“I recall that we condemned the incident. [Abdul Salam] Zaeef was the ambassador (to Pakistan) and I was an an aide. We called a press conference and we condemned the incident. We said we will cooperate to unearth the real behind the scenes culprits,” he said.

“We asked that the matter be resolved through dialogue, do not invade Afghanistan. And the result of an invasion is before you now,” Shaheen said.

“And it won’t be a good result for you, so it is better for you and for us also, having fought against an invasion (for so long) and many people being martyred, so we do not want this,” he recalled the Taliban saying to the US.

“But they did not listen to us and came to Afghanistan, occupied it through sophisticated weapons. At a time there were more than 150,000 soldiers here of theirs and of the alliances. But the result was what we had warned against 20 years ago,” the spokesman said.

He went on to state that “with the support of the people, we won back our freedom”.

To a question, Shaheen said that Al Qaeda at the time had not taken into confidence Afghanistan or Mullah Muhammad Omar over such a move.