Rulers need to be the role models

With the rising cases of the Covid-19 pandemic and its new variants, the KP government has rightly closed down the schools, colleges and universities throughout the province. It has imposed restrictions. Inter-city transport has been banned and buses are being impounded for disobeying the laws. Passengers on bus stands not following the SOPs are being fined. Business activities in local bazaars and markets have been minimised.

As opposed to this, the political activities are in full swing in the length and breadth of the province. The ministers of the ruling party are openly addressing the public meetings. Huge caravans of cars, Suzuki vans and taxi-cabs blaring loud music are entering and leaving the cantonments for the polls. The opposition parties like PPP and PML-N are holding rallies in various cities. In public meetings and rallies, nobody is wearing the masks. The much-trumpeted rule of keeping a physical distance of six feet is blatantly flouted. Neither the leaders nor their followers observe any precaution.

For its peculiar cultural background, much of the KP is already in a state of denial with regard to the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite repeated requests from doctors, scientists and virologists, nobody is prepared to wear a mask or use sanitisers. Despite instructions by the high court to avoid physical touch, double handshake and triple embrace continues to be the norm. When the common people notice that political leaders are violating the coronavirus SOPs, they naturally develop a hatred for the formalities. No wonder that the positivity rate of the pandemic is going up by the day. In this situation, we expect that rulers should present themselves as role models for the masses.