IWMB conducts two-day eco-guards training at Trail-5

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) has conducted a two-day workshop aimed at training volunteers from the civil society as Eco-Guards to patrol and protect scenic Margalla Hills National Park facing issues of littering, poaching, tree cutting and irresponsible tourism.

The lectures were imparted by IWMB senior member Wildlife Expert and Ecologist, Professor Dr Z.B. Mirza and Associate Professor of Islamic International University of Environmental Sciences Dr Muhammad Ibrar Shinwari here at the Visitors’ Information Center at Trail-5.

The participants included male and female youngsters, teenagers, adults who were regular visitors of the Margalla Hills National Park and avid nature lovers as well as  conservationists by passion.

The experts presented a detailed overview of nature, ecology, biodiversity and wildlife linkages with the environment.

The experts also briefed the participants about human interventions disturbing wildlife habitats and species. The volunteers were also briefed on communication skills, preventive measures to contain hostile human activities harming biodiversity etc., so that a sustainable environment friendly tourism was promoted in the National Park. – APP