Scrapping Tehkal girls’ college plan

The KP government has turned down the proposal to set up a degree college for girls in Tehkal. The reason it was given was that its estimated cost (Rs34,92,33,000) was expensive. It has directed the communications department to visit the site and prepare the per square foot construction cost. According to the officials of the higher education department, it was on November 18, 2020 that the government gave approval to prepare the feasibility report of the plan.

Tehkal Payan and Tehkal Bala are the oldest villages of Peshawar. These are spread over a large area, starting from the Tamboowan bus stop (near the airport runway) and going up to Jahangirabad. For the residents, there is no government college in the vicinity. Their daughters have to seek admissions to Peshawar City’s crowded Frontier College for Girls. In case of failure, they try one of the colleges around the University of Peshawar. Jinnah College for Girls has high standards of merit and Tehkal girls simply do not stand a chance for admission. The issue of making transport arrangements for girls is an uphill task for parents.

The result is that in utter disappointment, they discard the idea of educating the girls. If this happens under the nose of the government in the provincial capital, this should be a matter of shame. On the issue of girls’ education, minute calculations begin about the per square foot construction cost. But in mega projects, nobody feels any qualms if the total cost goes up by the billions. We hope that the college plan will ultimately receive government approval.