Malik urges UN Chief for removing Pakistan from FATF’s grey list
ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik pens letter to the Secretary-General, UNO urging him to forward his recommendation to President Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to remove the name of Pakistan from FATF’s Grey List in wake of Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.
In his letter, Senator A. Rehman Malik writes, “It was a great pleasure to have met you in Islamabad during your great historic visit to Pakistan and I am grateful for giving me a very patient hearing on the long outstanding pending issue of Kashmir in UNO”.
He writes that he wanted to forward a letter which he has written to the President FATF with a request to remove Pakistan from Grey List as presently Pakistan was fighting against Coronavirus and the country was already facing financial hurdles for being in the list, said a statement.
He further wrote that due to its name in the grey list of FATF, Pakistan was facing financial difficulties especially in importing medical equipment and other related materials to fight Coronavirus in the country.
The letter reads, “Pakistan has already undertaken numerous actions in compliance of FATF instructions in this regard which have been recognised by the member states’’.
Malik pleaded “In view of the ongoing pandemic of COVID and hardships being faced by us at present, I as a parliamentarian and as the Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Interior, request and urge you in the interest of humanity to kindly forward this attached request of mine to the President of FATF, with your recommendation to immediately remove the name of Pakistan from the Grey List”.
Senator Rehman Malik expressed, “I would like to put on record your excellent services for Afghan refugees where I have seen your great work myself as former interior minister and I remember my great interactions with you”. – APP