INGOs to cooperate with govt amid new directives to contain pandemic
ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Interior has offered International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) to cooperate with the government and issued new instructions in this regard to contain coronavirus outbreak.
According to a press release issued here by the ministry, the INGOs have to identify their action plan and targeted areas. On these details, they would submit four sets of information based on the aforementioned specifications.
Due to emergency situation in the country, No Objection Certificate (NOC) would not be required for INGOs and all organizations would work with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMAs) and Provincial Disaster Management Authorities (PMDAs).
Only organizations that have signed contract with the Government of Pakistan would be allowed to work on their plan whereas the names of these 70 organizations would be issued.
After completion of the project, the reports needed to be attested by the departments concerned and should be submitted within 15 days.
According to the instructions issued by the government, plan of action comprising eight designated categories was permissible and no new category would be added.
Exemption from NOC was allowed only due to coronavirus relief work for the period of only six months along with the condition to work in unison with NDMA and PDMAs.
All the details would be announced through the website of the Ministry of Interior. – APP