Educational institutes, offices go online amid coronavirus pandemic
ISLAMABAD: The coronavirus pandemic has forced many educational institutes, tuition teachers and offices to close their campuses and shifted them online to work all across the country including federal capital.
As coronavirus containment measures spread, the demand for online learning classes, tuition and exams for students continue in different cities to keep their students engaged with educational activities through e learning techniques.
According to professors, coronavirus infects and kills more people globally, several universities have chosen to forgo in-person classes in favor of E-learning.
Universities, colleges and many public offices across the world are turning online platforms as online instruction becomes the new trend to utilize our maximum time and keep busy with our colleagues and students with social media sites, said a professor Ikram Sheikh while talking to private news channel.
With rising concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, growing number of schools and universities have cancel in-person classes and move them online to give E-lectures to students, said a BBA student.
He further urged all educational experts, faculty members and students to use their advanced knowledge to keep abreast of the latest information.
All upcoming events including in schools are postponed due to corona fear but mostly office workers and students adopt E-learning techniques, said Usama Zia, another tuition teacher.
Through audio and video live streaming, students can "raise their hands” to ask questions at any time, while teachers can assign classroom exercises and homework and correct them in real-time, ensuring that online teaching can almost achieve the similar results as on-site teaching. – APP