Sindh reports one more death; provincial toll at 8
Statesman Report
KARACHI: A 74-year-old man has died from the coronavirus in Sindh, with the provincial death toll from the disease rising to eight.
The patient, a resident of Karachi, was brought to the hospital on March 26 where he was tested, the Sindh health minister said.
He had a history of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Diabetes.
IGP Sindh directs Tableeghi Jamaat
members to stay in marakiz, consider them as quarantine centres
Sindh Inspector General Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar in a notification issued on Tuesday instructed all police officers to ensure that Tableeghi Jamaat members across the province remain in the Jamaat marakiz (centres) and to consider all such marakiz as quarantine centres.
The development comes after 36 people tested positive for the coronavirus in Hyderabad’s Noor Mosque, where some 200 Jamaat members were initially quarantined.
They had returned from the Tableeghi Jamaat congregation in Raiwind — comprising tens of thousands of people — held from March 11 to 15 near Lahore.
Also on Monday, two people died in Karachi after having contracted the virus at the Raiwand Ijtima, according to the Sindh health department.
According to the notification, the number of cases was increasing and there was concern that there might be a further increase if adequate preparations to control Covid-19’s spread were not made.
The notification also directed police officers to ensure that no person entered or left the premises of the centres. It also directed the superintendents (SPs) of each district to cooperate with the district commissioners (DCs) and health officers and provide rations and necessary items to the centres.
Free movement of goods
The government of Sindh has allowed the free movement of goods to ensure availability of essential goods throughout the province or the country.
According to a notification issued here, the transport of goods from warehouses, where such products are stored, can be collected and transported for subsequent distribution at destination, storage, sale points etc.
The officials concerned are advised to ensure that the individuals involved in these activities adhere to the guidelines on social distancing and adopt precautions against the coronavirus while traveling, working and meeting with people.
The government has allowed the fresh milk shops and sale points to remain opened in the province till 8 p.m instead of earlier timing of 5 p.m for the purpose of collecting or storing.