Balochistan govt forms Rapid Reaction Teams to contain COVID-19 in Quetta
QUETTA: Balochistan government has formed Rapid Reaction Teams (RRTs) to contain coronavirus (COVID-19) in the provincial capital.
According to official sources, around 90 teams would perform duties in three shifts to ensure proper measures for mitigating the risk of the pandemic in the city.
District Administration Quetta, Medical Emergency and Response Centres (MERC) and Health Department had collectively established the RRTs to contain COVID-19, they added.
They said teams were consisting of eight Mobile RRTs (Ambulances) and 12 Static Teams at Basic Health Units (BHUs) and 4 Motorcycle Teams for performing their duties.
As per the mechanism anybody who feels the symptoms of Coronavirus should call on the helpline 1122. Rescue officials will either direct the person to the doctor or if required will inform the Mobile Rapid Reaction Team (RRT). If RRT is busy, operator would guide the person to Static Team (ST) at a nearby BHU.
The RRT or ST would either clear the person after examination or ask him to get isolated at home and take his swab for lab test. If the individual does not have any place to isolate then he will be taken to Isolation Centre.
344 doctors, paramedics to be recruited
QUETTA: The Balochistan government has decided to recruit doctors and paramedics staff on emergency basis to tackle the challenges of covid-19.
According to sources, the government would be appointing as many as 344 medical officers in the health department of Balochistan.
"All the recruitment process will be done through walk-in interview. The health department would also recruit 205 nurses for Tri-Care Hospitals," he added. It has also planned to appoint 2000 paramedics of grade 1 to 15 immediately to tackle the current crises with the recruitment process made easy and simple.
The candidates would be presented before interview to the District Health Officer (DHO) with their certificates and documents. The DHO would be forwarded the list of successful candidates to the Secretary of Health Balochistan.
The Secretary health will issue appointment letter to successful candidates. The government would be shared the details by newspapers and other source of information soon. - APP