Top universities vow to defeat Coronavirus with joint efforts
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s top universities vowed to take collective efforts against Coronavirus by making a consortium and starting production of ventilators and other gadgets at local level.
Kashif Zaheer Kumboh, the faculty member of Rifah university, while talking to APP said a consortium of universities consisting of scientists from different varsities was created.
The consortium included the scientists from Rifah University, Quaid-e-Azam University, University of Sialkot, University of Baluchistan, PATAK, PUMH and others.
Kashif Zaheer said the consortium had started joint efforts to curb the outbreak of the deadly virus. These scientists were spending 18 hours a day to research on Coronavirus and try to find its vaccine, he added.
Apart from making scientifically authentic sensitizers, the consortium had also started preparing ventilators at local level.
The consortium also suggested imparting education through online system during the lockdown. - APP