Man City will not seek virus furlough offer
London: Manchester City say they will not be furloughing employees at the taxpayer's expense after a number of Premier League clubs took advantage of the British government's scheme to fund non-playing staff during the coronavirus epidemic.
On Saturday, table-topping Liverpool became the fifth Premier League club to announce a furlough, accessing the government's job retention scheme, which means the public purse will cover 80 percent of wages.
There has been considerable criticism from former players, who believe the safety net is not being used as intended.
Liverpool announced a £42 million ($51 million) pre-tax profit in February.
Liverpool's opponents in last year's Champions League final, Tottenham, have also used the furlough option, along with Newcastle, Norwich and Bournemouth.
Britain's Press Association said City's stance was approved and staff informed before Liverpool's position became public. - AFP