Pakistan offers vast tourism opportunities: Amb. Khan
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, highlighted Pakistan's immense and vastly diverse tourism opportunities at an event held here Saturday night that focused on the culture of Gilgit-Baltistan.
The event, organized by Sonny Wattan Gilgit Baltistan, USA, featured Gilgit-Baltistan's traditionaal dances and musical performances. Also showcased was a collection of handicrafts, gemstones and jewelry from the region.
In his remarks, Ambassador Khan said Pakistan has embarked on a deliberate, forward-looking and whole-of-government approach to encourage tourism. They have taken a number of steps in the recent past including liberalizing visas, building new infrastructure and investment in e-commerce, among others. This, along with the improved security structure, not only has attracted the attention of foreign media and international bloggers/v-loggers but has also resulted in improvement of the travel advisory by a number of countries, he underscored.
“Last week, the State Department has revised its Travel Advisory for Pakistan, acknowledging the improved security environment and infrastructure development in major cities of Pakistan, particularly Islamabad. This is in continuation of similar revisions made by a number of other important countries including UK, Canada, France, Portugal, Norway and others,” he added. – APP