Civil society demands fixed wages for female agriculture workers
ISLAMABAD: The civil society representatives has asked the quarters concerned to fix the wages of female in agriculture workforce, who were facing stark discrimination in term of wages, part-time work, besides dealing with unfavorable working environment during crop cutting in such crisis like situation.
They were of the view that despite hard work for long hours, women had to face discriminatory attitude from land owners as the authorities concerned didn’t fix the wages of agriculture work force.
Social activist, Ayub Malik said women and children make up approximately one third of the agricultural workforce from seed sowing to harvesting but their working conditions need to be addressed.
Talking to APP, he said agriculture was considered as backbone of the country’s economy and rural women and children were part and parcel of this agro-based economy.
He stressed that there was a dire need for devising a strong policy to ensure free working environment for them besides paying them as per market rate.
He said women face extreme exploitation as their wages used to be decided verbally and their work was not regularized.
Human right activist Fareeda Malik also said there was a dire need of empowering and facilitating agro women to end the menace of gender equality.
She said labour policies and laws needed to apply to female agricultural workers.
She said the status of rural women working in agriculture as farmer must be acknowledged and for rural women empowerment government should allocate its free land to landless women farmers so that they can be made economically strong and stable. - APP