Pakistan rejects Indian reports linking
Islamabad to Kabul Gurdwara attack last month
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday rejected reports from India linking Islamabad to last month's terrorist attack at a gurdwara in Afghan capital, Kabul, terming the attempt as “highly mischievous and condemnable”.
“We reject the officially-inspired reports appearing in the Indian media seeking to link Pakistan with the terrorist attack on a Gurdawara in Kabul on 25 March 2020,” a spokesperson for the Foreign Office said, adding that the country had “already strongly condemned the dastardly terrorist attack, in which so many precious lives were lost”.
At least 25 people had died and eight wounded when unidentified assailants and suicide bombers attacked a Sikh religious complex in Kabul. According to the Afghan government, all the attackers had been killed by the security forces and 80 people were rescued.
However, a Taliban spokesperson had denied responsibility for the attack in a message on Twitter.
The Foreign Office, while noting that places of worship were sacrosanct and their sanctity must be respected at all times, said Pakistan demanded the perpetrators be brought to justice.
“As a country that has suffered the most from and has fought resolutely against the scourge of terrorism, including State-sponsored terrorism emanating from across the border, Pakistan firmly believes that such despicable terrorist acts have no political, religious or moral justification,” the Foreign Office spokesperson added.
Pakistan also stressed that India's bid to continuously slander Islamabad was aimed at diverting attention from its forces' violence and aggression in occupied Kashmir, which has been under a curfew, as well as a communications and media blackout since August 5, 2019, when its special status was revoked.