EU to unveil strategy to exit virus lockdown
Brussels: The European Commission will on Wednesday unveil a plan for the bloc to ease out of a virus lockdown that has dealt a body blow to the economies of EU members, a spokesman said.
The strategy, to be presented by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen after a videoconference with relevant commissioners, will come after some EU countries announced they were already planning to relax measures.
Both Austria and Denmark have said they will start phasing out restrictions from next week, while still keeping in place social-distancing and frequent handwashing rules in place.
The European Commission will set out guidelines for a bloc-wide strategy, spokesman Eric Mamer told a videolink news conference.
"This is because some member states are beginning to look towards the first steps in terms of moving away from the measures in the weeks to come. And we feel it's very important this be done in a coordinated fashion," he said.
The Commission proposal will be made ahead of a video conference of the EU's national leaders later this month.
Mamer added that Austria and Denmark had informed the Commission and all member states of their decisions.
"We understand that these strategies are very gradual will be implemented step-by-step, which is indeed one important element that we will certainly be highlighting as well," he said. - AFP