Health Minister releases 152 quarantined people from Dawranpur center
PESHAWAR: Provincial Health Minister Taimur Salim Jhagra Wednesday saw off all 152 patients quarantined at Dawranpur Center here.
Talking with media at the occasion, he thanked all the pilgrims who quarantined themselves for the betterment of others.
The Minister said “provision of best possible facilities at the quarantine gave best results and today we are seeing off a batch of healthy people.”
He informed that a total of 152 people including 137 pilgrims and police personnel and staff was quarantined at the center. All the pilgrims have been sent to their native districts.
He said all necessary equipment would be made available for doctors and health staff in this need of hour.
The Minister added that distribution of monetary assistance to the deserving would start from Thursday.
He maintained that there was no issue of fund’s shortage but we wanted that the amount was received by the genuine and deserving people only. - APP