Missing Commission disposes of 4,513 cases till March 31
PESHAWAR: The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances (CoioED) has disposed of 4,513 cases till March 31, 2020, out of a total of 6,628 cases received so far.
A total of 6,604 cases were received till February and 24 more cases were received by the commission during March and total cases swelling the tally to 6,628. Total disposal cases till March were 4,513 and 2,115 cases were still traceable till March 2020, according to the monthly report issued by Secretary CoioED Farid Ahmed Khan.
The Missing Persons Commission has conducted 295 hearings in March 2020; 198 in Islamabad, 134 in Karachi and 63 in Balochistan.
The Commission had conducted 666 hearings in February 2020; 322 in Islamabad, 208 in Karachi, 68 in Peshawar and 68 hearings in Lahore.
The Commission had conducted 533 hearings in December 2019; 261 in Islamabad, 204 in Karachi and 68 hearings in Lahore.
As many as 655 hearings were conducted in November 2019; 281 in Islamabad, 20 in Lahore, 223 in Karachi and 62 hearings in Quetta.
A total of 720 hearings were conducted in October 2019; 311 in Islamabad, 77 in Peshawar, 249 in Karachi and 83 hearings in Quetta.
According to the report, a total of 6,556 cases were received by the Commission up to January 2020. And 48 more cases were registered by the commission in January - swelling the total number of cases to 6,604. - APP