Bolivia’s Morales says he wants to go home, run for Senate
Santiago: Exiled former Bolivian president Evo Morales said in an interview that he wants to return home and run for senator in May elections.
Morales fled the country in December after the army withdrew its support for him during violent protests over his disputed re-election to a fourth straight term.
He now lives in Argentina, and said he would like to go home, even though a warrant exists for his arrest.
Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, was in power for almost 14 years. But he is now barred from standing as a presidential candidate in the May ballot.
In an interview with the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Morales said that the night he left Bolivia, heading first to Mexico, he carried with him a suitcase with some clothes, a bit of food and two or three thousand dollars.
He said his replacement by acting president Jeanine Anez amounted to a putsch. - AFP