Sindh once again warns private schools over violation of orders on concession in tuition fees amid lockdown
KARACHI: The Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions in Sindh (Dirpis) on Thursday circulated another reminder directing private school owners in the province to pay full salaries of teachers and non-teaching staffers amid a virus lockdown.
The reminder also states a number of complaints have been received from the parents of the students for non-compliance of an order asking schools for a 20 percent concession in tuition fees granted by the Government of Sindh amid a virus lockdown, as well as nonpayment of salaries of the school staff.
"The higher authorities have taken serious notice of the noncompliance of the directives issued on April 6," it notes.
Addressing administrators of the privately managed educational institutes, the Dirpis officials said that in order to streamline the payment of fees by the parents and salaries to the staffers, it is once again directed that full salaries should be paid to the teaching and nonteaching staff of the private educational institutions.
“If any school has collected full fees for the months of April and May, 2020, the concession of 20 percent, which is supposed to be granted in the aforesaid period, would be refunded or adjusted in the coming months with consent of the parents," it states.
The parents have also been advised that in order to avail 20 percent concession in tuition fee for the two months, they should pay the fee so that the schools administrators could pay their staffers as well.
“In case of noncompliance, a strict action will be initiated against the private school owners under the Sindh Private Educational Institutions Registration and Control Ordinance, 2001, Amendment Act 2003 & Rules 2005," the order warns.
Commenting on the issue, Dirpis Registrar Rafia Javed told that the directorate has received around 295 complaints in which parents have stated that private schools were not complying with the directives. She said that some parents have stated that they have paid fees and school owners refused for adjustment.
This is why the new circular has been issued to rectify that matter once again.