DRAP approves passive immunization technique for treating COVID-19
Statesman Report
KARACHI: The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Thursday granted approval for a passive immunization technique to treat coronavirus patients along with approval for the local production of ventilators and the manufacturing of the pharma ingredients for chloroquine, a drug found effective against COVID-19.
The approval has been granted after the technical evaluation of the ventilators and successful clinical trials of the medicine.
The federal government is likely to make the official announcement on Friday.
The National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) had put forth the suggestion to the government of treating COVID-19 patients via passive immunization. Considering the recommendations, the Sindh government consulted experts at the Indus Hospital, Agha Khan University Hospital, including the Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA), on the matter, who also favoured the technique.
Earlier, Punjab, as well as the KP government, had issued a notification regarding the grant of approval for the technique, while the federal government has decided a protocol for treating and conducting a medical analysis of the aforementioned technique, which has also been approved by National Bioethics Committee (NBC).