Mafia buying food for Italy’s poor to exert more control: expert
Rome: Criminal organisations in Italy are distributing food and ordering interest-free lending to the needy to try to extend their influence, Italian anti-mafia author Roberto Saviano has warned.
Italy’s mafia groups are also poised to snatch up struggling businesses as the country -- which is in crisis over the deadly coronavirus pandemic -- awaits European funding to boost its battered economy, he said.
"If Europe doesn’t intervene soon the multiplication of mafioso money that’s already in Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium will be unrestrained," Saviano told journalists on Thursday.
Saviano, best known for his non-fiction book "Gomorrah" about southern Italy’s Camorra clan, is an expert on mafia groups and how they have successfully expanded beyond drugs and other illegal activity to worm their way into otherwise legitimate businesses and sectors across the world.
At the most basic level, criminal organisations are providing groceries for the poorest Italians, Saviano said. - AFP