Hockey players coping with lockdown quite nicely: Khawaja Junaid
ISLAMABAD: Head coach Khawaja Junaid is contended with the way hockey players have responded to the online workout plan, forwarded to them a few days back to keep them fit and in good shape during the lockdown period.
“As a coach it is very encouraging for me that the players are following workout plan with utmost commitment and dedication. The lockdown period is very difficult for everyone. Our players have also never gone through such a situation. But their attitude is very positive and they are bracing it [the situation] up quite nicely,” Khawaja told APP on Friday.
Spelling out the details of the workout plan for players, he said that it was mainly focused on three aspects of training. “Firstly, they’ve been asked to control their diet and avoid foods that increase fat level to an alarming level.
“Secondly, we’ve concentrated on their physical activity and in it we are targeting two things - number one, the strengthening of their muscles through exercises such as planks, lunges, body squats, sit-ups, pushups, yoga and lightweight training. And number two, cardiovascular exercises such as skipping, shuttle running and climbing stairs up and down repeatedly at home. In shutdown period all these exercises can be done in a confined area.
“Thirdly, as ultimately they’ll have to play hockey, we are focusing on skill exercises. We’ve pointed out the basic grey areas in their game and told them how these can be plugged in even such a period [lockdown],” he added.
He said that it was also being considered to start a regular online education system by sending video clips to players. “All the players will be required to comment on these clips. We’ll wait till April 20 and if the situation does not normalize we’ll go for that option.”
He said that in online education, there would be separate classes for goalkeepers. “The players will be reading hockey as a subject wherein they’ll be taught several things, including the structures of world’s best outfits such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Australia,” he said. - APP