‘Fast-track training of manpower must for future industry needs’
Karachi: Fast-track training of manpower is urgently needed to cater to the needs of industry and business in the post-coronavirus era, as many technologies and industries would emerge in that period and a lot of traditional technologies and industries would perish for good.
This was said by Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor in a statement.
He said it the need of the hour to start serious and solid preparations right now for the post-coronavirus era, as when this virus would end there would be a new world with new challenges and new requirements. He said the government, the higher education commission (HEC) and industry leaders should take an aggressive initiative right now. He warned that in the post-coronavirus era, many present factories and industries would be closed down and lot of new industries would emerge, requiring a new type of workforce.
He said the government should immediately plan how to train our manpower for the future requirements of trade and industry. He said a sudden unemployment of millions of workers would be a great challenge. He said like whole world Pakistan would also face a worsening recession and economic downslide. - PPI