Tennis great King says women athletes should stay focused on fight for equality
LONDON: Tennis great Billie Jean King on Saturday said that despite the myriad of setbacks facing female athletes due to the coronavirus pandemic, they should not lose sight of the need to continue their push for equality.
Speaking on an online panel event titled #WeKeepPlaying hosted by King’s Women’s Sports Foundation and Yahoo Sports, the American said she hoped to provide comfort and encouragement to the thousands who tuned in to view it.
“But I also want them to think about the future as well,” said King, the 12-time Grand Slam champion who famously waged a decades-long battle for equal pay in professional tennis.
King said her early goals for women’s tennis were to make sure all girls would have a place to compete, that women would be valued more for their accomplishments than their looks, and to ensure female athletes earned enough to make a living.
“Many of these athletes still do not have the dreams and the opportunities that they deserve,” she said.
While strides have been made toward pay equality in tennis, women’s ice hockey still has a long way to go, said Kendall Coyne Schofield, a forward for the United States women’s national team. - AFP