Out of hospital Dalglish thanks fans after positive coronavirus test
London: Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish thanked fans for their support on Sunday after leaving hospital following a positive test for the coronavirus.
Dalglish, 69, found he had the virus after being admitted to hospital on Wednesday for treatment for a separate infection which required intravenous antibiotics.
He was discharged on Saturday night.
"Thank you for all of your well wishes over the last few days," said Dalglish in a Liverpool statement issued Sunday.
"I'm delighted to be back home with the family after receiving brilliant care from the NHS (Britain's National Health Service), which we appreciate now more than ever.
"Marina (Dalglish's wife) and I would like to express our immense gratitude to the medical staff who cared for me and who continue to treat countless others throughout the country during an incredibly challenging period."
Dalglish confirmed the couple would be in "full lockdown for the recommended amount of time in order to protect the lives of others". There are fears that the warm weather across Britain over the Easter weekend will see the public flout government guidelines on social distancing instead of only going out to maintain health and purchase essential supplies.
But a concerned Dalglish said: "I know the sun is shining for many of you, but I urge you to stay home and follow the government guidelines to the letter."
Earlier the Scotland great, in an interview with the Sunday Post, praised the "absolutely brilliant" hospital staff, adding: "People may think my name got me the best of care but every patient in the NHS gets the best of care."

On Friday, Dalglish's family said he had tested positive for COVID-19 despite having previously displayed no symptoms of the illness. - AFP