Reasonable number of Covid-19 victim recovers in Punjab: Yasmin Rashid
ISLAMABAD: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said on Monday that 271 patients were recovered from coronavirus and discharged, number of recovered patients was likely to increase in a couple of days, masses should strictly follow social distancing stay indoor during lockdown, self protection plays a vital role to contain the novel virus.
Talking to a private news channel she said total 2550 corona cases emerged in Punjab and majority of people infected were pilgrims or attended religious congregations. "Moreover we have only nine corona contracted patients in Punjab who are critical", she stated.
She further said the government had allocated separate hospitals in Punjab for corona patients to protect other patients and paramedic staff, moreover the corona affected patients were needed to be treated with extra care. The areas and streets completely locked down in different cities of Punjab after observing Covid-19 patients, the government had provided relief packages to the areas of large needy population, she added. - APP