IHC rejects private schools’ petition against 20pc fee reduction
ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Monday rejected the request of private schools association seeking a stay order against PEIRA’s notification pertaining to twenty percent discount in students’ tuition fee during two month vocations.
The court sent the matter to Private Education Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) and remarked that the private schools should have announced the discounts themselves in wake of coronavirus outbreak.
Justice Aamer Farooq of IHC conducted hearing on a petition moved by private schools association against the notification of PEIRA regarding reduction in school fee.
At the outset of hearing, the petitioner’s counsel pleaded that PEIRA had issued a notification on April 8, regarding fee reduction without hearing the private schools association’s stance. He said that PEIRA didn’t take the concerned stakeholders into confidence and notified the fee structure without keeping in view the schools’ problems.
He prayed the court to suspend the notification of PEIRA. Justice Aamer Farooq remarked that the private schools should have announced relief for the students themselves in current scenario. He remarked that it wouldn’t cost private schools too much if they didn’t earn profit for two months.
The bench remarked that if the decision was reviewed the student fee could be reduced 15 percent or it could be fifty percent. There were extraordinary situation prevailing in the country, the court remarked and asked the petition whether it had approached the federal government in this regard.
The court rejected the petition of private schools and sent the matter to PEIRA again. - APP