Audi Hungary plant begins tooling up after three-week production halt
Budapest: Volkswagen Group's Audi brand restarted operations at its plant in Hungary on Tuesday after halting work last month due to the new coronavirus pandemic.
Citing a poor sales outlook and uncertainties in component supply, Volkswagen announced on March 17 production halts at plants throughout Europe.
Production was suspended March 22 at its Audi plant in Gyor, 120 kilometres (75 miles) west of Budapest, that employs almost 13,000 people.
In a video posted on a Gyor-based news site late Monday, Audi's local management said it had agreed with Volkswagen to begin preparations Tuesday for restarting full-scale production.
"Now the most important task for the company is to prepare for continuing complete vehicle production despite the critical situation," said Audi Hungary head Alfons Dintner. - AFP