KP relaxes lockdown for blue-collar workers
–– bans inter-province, district transport till 30th
PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet on Wednesday in a tough decision gave exemption to various businesses from COVID-19 lockdown enabling blue-collar workers to eke out a living in the present challenging situation.
KP government Spokesman Ajmal Wazir told media that the cabinet with Chief Minister Mehmood Khan in the chair discussed the decisions of National Coordination Committee headed by the Prime Minister and decided to give relief to the masses by relaxing the lockdown for various businesses.
The CM in a big move announced two-month rent exemption to all tenants of his personal properties and desired the cabinet members, secretaries and others to follow the same keeping in view of the present situation.
He said KP Government is fighting on two fronts - one against coronavirus and the other against poverty, adding the government has waived off 15per cent tax on retail shops who are distributing cash money among the destitute under Ehsaas program, adding that the federal government has already given exemption on the same tax.
Ajmal Wazir said that KP Cabinet approved extension in partial lockdown till April 30 under which inter district and inter provincial transport, public and private functions, educational institutions and all sports activities would remain banned.
He said those business which have been given exemption from the lockdown would operate under mandatory precautionary measures as defined by the government.
The cabinet has given exemption from lockdown to auto rickshaws and taxis, private vehicles, barber shops, electrician, mechanic, agriculture machinery mechanic, cement plant, fertilizer industry, brick kiln, drycleaner, building materials, sanitary shops, marble factories, tiles’ shops, tailor and general stores, dairy shops from 6 am to 9 pm.
Similarly, veterinary hospital, e-commerce, software developing, offices of welfare organizations, minerals plants, book shop, photocopy shops, carpenters, painters, mason, labour, electrical stores, shuttering stores, bakers, banks, hardware shops, laboratories, private hospitals would remain open from 9 am to 5 pm.
The government has advised all to take special care of social distancing at workplace and make the masks and use of sanitizer mandatory during working hours. - APP