Australian rower sets world record while under lockdown
SYDNEY: An Australian rower who set out to rack up some kilometres while on COVID-19 lockdown inadvertently broke a world record for the indoor rowing half-marathon, officials said Wednesday.
Like the rest of the Australian team, Georgie Rowe was training at home in Sydney by herself last weekend as she deals with the disappointment of not travelling to Japan this year for the Tokyo Olympics.
Rowe, 27, was on a Concept2 rowing machine and such was her intensity that she clocked a time of 1hr 19min 28.4sec over a distance of 21,097 metres.
It smashed the record for the heavyweight women’s half-marathon set five years ago by US rower Esther Lofgren by more than 40 seconds.
Rowing Australia spokeswoman Lucy Benjamin said it was an extraordinary effort in the circumstances, particularly as Rowe normally works as part of a team in the women’s eight.
“It’s a mental challenge because you’re on your own and you don’t have your crew with you,” she told AFP. “And it’s a tough machine, it’s a full-body workout.” - AFP