Tayyaba torture case
Former judge files review petition against court verdict
ISLAMABAD: Former Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan on Tuesday filed a review petition in the Supreme Court against its decision in minor maid girl Tayyaba torture case.
The petition pleaded the apex court to review its decision, given on January 10.
It stated that some facts were missing in the court decision. The judicial decision was apparently against the requirements of justice, it added.
The petitioner stated that the court did not properly review the evidence before taking a decision. The decision ignored important legal questions and the decision did not meet the requirements of the law, he added.
It was pointed out in the petition that the court did not consider legal merits in the decision. The decision to increase the punishment was not in accordance with the law, it added.
The petition stated that the victim girl had recorded her statement and stated that she was not tortured.
The petition stated that the court only rely on the testimony of private witnesses and announced the verdict without reviewing the record.
The Supreme Court had suspended the high court's decision to extend sentence to three years while it had upheld the one-year sentence awarded by the high court, it added.
The state's appeal for an increase in punishment of Raja Khurram Ali Khan was pending. - APP